Caves of the world

Some places do not come directly to mind when you think of natural beauty in the world and one of those are definitely caves! In Cuba, and other places of the world, caves are absolutely breathtaking and a place that many people want to see. These caves can be found in islands or mountains and can be very complex. Some of these are underwater and require special gear to go on with the adventure, but they are definitely worth the trouble. Once you see how captivating the insides of the caves are, only then will one understand how much of nature is still undiscovered. Certain caves even have chunks of quarts layering the surface of the walls and are so stunning that one only wonders how many thousands of years it took for all of the minerals to form in such a beautiful way. It all comes together into one magnificent picture and lets you appreciate every single aspect of it. In Florida, we have what we call aquifers underground that generate all of our springs in the area. These aquifers are where we get some of our drinking water and if you see what they look like in person, they are gorgeous.


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