The Swamp Life

Swamps are unique and despite the horrendous mosquitoes, they are actually quite captivating. To begin with, they have an enormous range of wildlife ranging from vicious reptiles such as alligators and pythons, to birds and cypress trees. In the Florida Everglades, one can visit and admire all the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. The peaceful environment allows you to take in all of its beauty and observe the plant life such as the ferns, cypress trees and the different kinds of moss that grow there. It is a great place to go during the day when the mosquitoes are not as prominent and when you can walk across the board walks in the park to look at the alligators basking in the daylight to take in the suns heat. This type of ecosystem provides a perfect combination of shade, warmth, and rich nutrients in the mud to allow many species to thrive and easily adapt to the area. For this very reason, many of the non-native snakes such as pythons have become predators in the area due to people releasing them into the wild. These large snakes have now become abundant in the area. It is a dangerous place, but also a great adventure and a place where lots of beautiful birds can be spotted.


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