Desert Lizards Need Love Too

Deserts make up an immense section of the middle East and the continent of Africa, and visiting one would be an exciting adventure if exploring the world is on your to-do list. Sure it is insanely hot during the day and chilly at night, but if one looks past that, you may notice the true beauty in the gorgeous ecosystem that surrounds you there. Sometimes you may catch yourself wondering how certain types of wildlife can thrive and adapt to such harsh environments and getting to experience it hands on is definitely an awesome experience. There are internationally famous places to visit such as the pyramids of Egypt, and of course man-made Dubai. From the older architecture in Saudi Arabia, to the modern, yet breathtaking buildings in Dubai, one can see how different one area is to the next. Visiting the famous Sahara desert is a must, although knowing how to dress for the occasion is certainly advised due to the extreme heat. Whether it has to do with culture and religion, or just the intense temperature, people that roam the deserts tend to wear long sleeves and layers of breathable clothing for several reasons. For one, wearing several layers keeps you from getting a severe sunburn and believe it or not keeps you cool because it retains the sweat that your body produces to bring down body temperature. There are a few oasis that are few and far between but extremely beautiful to see and beautiful vegetation where some of the worlds coolest creatures dwell. Deserts are one of natures true beauties where you see unlikely things thrive in such adverse conditions but it is definitely worth seeing it with your own eyes.


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