Mountain Goats

     Everyone has their favorite kind of place that they would enjoy traveling to. Some people prefer the beach, but others would rather be in a rockier environment such as the mountains. Many go to climb and challenge themselves all the way up the mountain. Adventurous people love to feel the adrenaline when they are trying to climb up the mountain knowing that at any minute something can go wrong while they are at such a high altitude. there is a mixture of fear and excitement plus the curiosity of whether you can reach your goal or not.

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The combination of extreme physical exhaustion and hunger is enough to make someone want to quit and stop where they are and not proceed any further, but if you are determined you will push through that and achieve your goal. There is point while doing a rigorous exercise that you feel that you need to stop, but in harsh conditions the adrenaline helps to block pain receptors in the body and allow you to push through most situations.

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Other reasons why many tourists travel to the mountains is to go camping and hiking in the wilderness. Caution should be taken with the wildlife, especially with bears and snakes. the rivers in the mountains are breathtakingly beautiful as they trickle down the mountain, glistening in the sun. canoeing would be a great idea on a crystal clear day.



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