Frozen fun in the sun

It is actually pretty fun to visit a frigid ice land to explore new places. It’s always great to experience new things and especially places such as Iceland and Northern Canada. Canada has well known tourist hot spots or shall I say “cold” spots! One of these places is Niagara falls. To say that this waterfall is massive would be an understatement, but it is truly incredible and definitely a sight to see. Another beautiful sight definitely includes the Blue lagoon in Iceland, which is actually saltwater. There are many things to observe that are normally not seen in warmer environments, and these are very special. whether it is a rare animal, or the stars in the night sky  42255_x1bluelagoonicelanddownload (1)download (2)es_falls15_23_712x342_FitToBoxSmallDimension_Centerimages (13)


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